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ASP Form Collection

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The Form collection is used to retrieve the values of form elements from a form that uses the POST method.



Parameter Description
element Required. The name of the form element from which the collection is to retrieve values
index Optional. Specifies one of multiple values for a parameter. From 1 to Request.Form(parameter).Count.


Example 1

You can loop through all the values in a form request. If a user filled out a form by specifying two values - Blue and Green - for the color element, you could retrieve those values like this:

<% for i=1 to Request.Form("color").Count
  Response.Write(Request.Form("color")(i) & "<br>")



Example 2

Consider the following form:

<form action="submit.asp" method="post">
<p>First name: <input name="firstname"></p>
<p>Last name: <input name="lastname"></p>
<p>Your favorite color:
<select name="color">
<p><input type="submit"></p>

The following request might be sent:


Now we can use the information from the form in a script: 

Hi, <%=Request.Form("firstname")%>. 
Your favorite color is <%=Request.Form("color")%>.


Hi, John. Your favorite color is Red.

If you do not specify any element to display, like this:

Form data is: <%=Request.Form%> 

the output would look like this:

Form data is: firstname=John&lastname=Dove&color=Red

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